7 of the Best Event Planning Apps

Any event planner will tell you that it can be stressful to organise events, all too easy to get lost amongst the endless lists and ever growing tasks. Fear not, mobile app technology is here to help and can minimise so much of the hard work for you. We’ve put together a list of the best in event planning apps that have made our lives so much easier. Why not make use of them for your next conference or event with us?

1. Doodle

If you need to find the best date for an event, which ensures your key staff, speakers or VIPs are available, Doodle is your tool! This fantastic app makes scheduling simple by allowing groups of people to log their availability in an easy to view ‘poll’. Participants are able vote on multiple dates and times that best suit their availability, and the majority wins.


Evernote 2. Evernote

Every event planner’s must-have, this popular app helps you gather all your ideas and organise them in one place. Write notes and checklists (you can even dictate them on the voice memo feature); organise research, web articles, documents and photos; plan travel and track expenses.  Everything can be synced across multiple devices to allow you to share, and even discuss, notes with members of your team within the app itself. It’s your key to seamless event planning!


3. Dropbox

Once you have all your guest lists, photos, logos, notes and other important documents synced across your devices, you need a large storage space for them. Dropbox is the perfect location, helping you keep everything organised and accessible to your whole team. Via the app, Dropbox is accessible from any device and you can even edit on the go.


Eventbrite4. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a wonderfully simple tool that allows people from any country to post, promote and track any event. Create your customised event page and within minutes your tickets are ready to be sold. For free events there is no charge whatsoever; charged-for events are subject to a 2.5% fee. The Eventbrite app allows you to look up and check in your event attendees off a guest list, validate tickets using the camera, and track live sales and event attendance stats at any time.


Boomset5. Guest List by Boomset

This exciting event app focuses on event registration. Using this app, event planners can simply manage registrations, guest lists and check-ins even when off-line. It works well in conjunction with other tools such as Eventbrite, because you can import guests. Attendees can be checked-in via the QR scanner and you can print badges and wristbands as you go. Extra features include the ability to collect donations, making it ideal for charity events, as well as the facility to communicate with staff members using group messaging.


Super Planner6. Super Planner

Super planner by name…this excellent planning app helps with all the practical details of an event. Not only do the various features prompt you to remember all the things to prepare for, but it offers calculators to make the job simpler! Calculators include venue capacity (including ‘comfy’ and ‘snug’ for several configurations), staffing calculators (for number of waiters, bartenders and check-in staff required), and food and beverage calculators (how many canapés, drinks and tables you might need). This app also includes audio-visual calculators, staging diagrams and tips. It’s every planner’s answer to staying on budget and executing the last detail to perfection.


Hootsuite7. Hootsuite

There are bound to be loads of tweeting, posting, liking and checking-in during your event. To manage all your social channels in one place, use Hootsuite to create streams and stay up to speed with all the chat. This app also allows you to schedule posts in advance (think welcome tweets or seminar alerts) to allow more time to manage other aspects of your event.


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