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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Event Organisers


Making New Year resolutions is an admirable way to start the year but all too often we base our plans around depriving ourselves of something- stop drinking, smoking, eating, swearing.  Here at The CastleGate, we think the New Year should be used as an opportunity to be positive and build on what you are already doing.  If you’re an Event Organiser, PA or planning your wedding, we’ve compiled a list of resolutions to motivate you and help you hit 2016 head on!

1. Plan well in advance

Whether you prefer a modern online calendar, a large wall planner as big as your desk or a handy pocket sized diary, if you are planning meetings or events in 2016, you need to put these to good use.  In these first few weeks of January, be proactive and look at the year ahead. Highlight when your events are and get them booked, both in your diary and with your suppliers.  Organisation is crucial when planning a successful event, don’t let the time sneak up on you!

2. Detail your 5 W’s

Think about the 5 W’s.  Who is your target audience? What is your objective for the event? Where will your event be held? One of the first things you need to think about is your venue and its location. Is the venue close to public transport networks? Does it have parking nearby?  Once you’ve booked the venue, perhaps think about sending attendees a map and detailed directions. When will your event be? You want to make sure your venue is available on the date you want. Consider how long you have to plan, when there are major events in your area and when the school or bank holidays are. Finally, why will people be attracted to your event? What makes your event stand out?

3. Embrace technology

There are so many things to think about when organising an event why not let technology be your assistant. Mobile app technology is the way forward. We put together a list of the best event planning apps in our previous blog post, 7 of the Best Event Planning Apps

4. Budget plan

Most of us don’t have access to unlimited funds, so whatever type of event you are planning, it’s important to know your budget and plan costs to fit with this. Think about the large costs- venue, food and drink etc. but don’t forget all the smaller costs than can easily add up.

5. Make it personal

So you’ve planned your event, ironed out the initial details, budget and venue. Finally, remember to personalise the event. Consider the decorations you may want, perhaps starting with a blank canvas and adding your personality to it. If you’re planning your wedding or organising a trade show, maybe you would like to provide some unique favours or gift bags for guests. 

If you’d like to get ahead of the game this year then The CastleGate is here to help, whether you’re after an intimate meeting room, a training suite or flexible larger space. Visit our website for more details or email our Event Team with your booking enquiry.

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