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10 Things to Remember When Planning an Event

10 Things to Remember When Planning an Event

Planning an event can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s not something you do regularly. We have put together these (hopefully) helpful pointers to get you started and to provide you with a simple framework for event planning success!

  1. Clearly define your goal from the beginning; what is the outcome you desire from the event? Without this focus, your event can be costly without the power to attract attendees.
  2. Identify your audience. This is the key to a good turnout and therefore a successful event.
  3. When picking a date, make sure you factor in how long you need to make the event successful. Try also to avoid major holidays, local and national events important to your community.
  4. Set a budget and stick to it. Make sure to create a budget based on how much you or your organisation has available to spend. Remember that unforeseen costs can arise, so plan for these, perhaps by overestimating some costs.
  5. Your marketing strategy should be tailored to your audience. Who do you want to attract to your event and what works best in that specific community? Options could include email invitations, fliers, posters, newsletter, press releases for local newspapers, newspaper adverts, Facebook event page with targeted advertising.
  6. Thorough organisation is key when you plan an event. Create a timeline that includes all of the tasks needed to make your event a success and a due date for having them completed. Keep this up to date as you go along.
  7. Take time to consider even the smallest logistics, like communicating parking instructions, planning signage inside and outside the venue, asking attendees for special dietary requirements well ahead of the event, and finding out if there are any attendees with limited mobility. These will all aid in the smooth running on the day, and ensure your guests have a pleasant experience.
  8. Communicate with your team. If you are planning with a team or committee, communication between everyone involved is very important so that every task is completed and efforts aren’t duplicated.
  9. Any event needs to be properly staffed so it’s vital that you have your company’s staff on board for the event. Make sure you’re accommodating and that everyone is comfortable with your schedule.
  10. Document and debrief. Keeping a history and sharing your event via your website/social media is a great way to continue the interest post event. Take photos and gather quotes or questionnaires from those who attended. Always debrief and review with your team. Find out what worked and what didn’t so you can improve things for your next event!


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